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Male, born 1941
An interview with the former resident of Pidzamche who now lives in a village near Lviv.
Record date: 13.08.2012
Female, born 1938
An interview with the lecturer at the University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology, an inborn resident of Pidzamche.
Record date: 05.08.2012
Female, born 1941
An interview with a woman, a former employee of the plant “Mikroprylad” and leather goods factory.
Record date: 16.07.2012
Female, born 1935 (p.1)
An interview with a former nurse of Lviv Tuberculosis Hospital, born in Lviv. Part 1.
Record date: 16.07.2012
Female, born 1951
An interview with the inborn resident of Zamarstyniv area who has lived here in a family house since the 1950s.
Record date: 31.07.2012
Female, born 1932
An interview with a resident of Zamarstyniv area, a former employee of one of the educational institutions in Lviv.
Record date: 02.08.2012