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Female, born 1935
An interview with the inborn citizen of Lviv who was born on Klepariv street but now resides in Pidzamche.
Record date: 01.08.2012
Female, born 1949
An interview with the resident of Pidzamche, whose parents moved to Lviv after World War II.
Record date: 09.07.2012
Female, born 1936
An interview with the woman who was born in Lviv and remembers the interwar period of the city life.
Record date: 24.07.2012
Manager of movie club
The conversation about the oldest, still active cinema club in Lviv.
Record date: 06.11.2012
Manager of movie club, 25
The conversation about the cinema clubs of the Les Kurbas Theatre and the “Museum of Ideas”.
Record date: 06.05.2013
Manager of movie club, 27
The employee of the art-cinema magazine “Cineticle” tells about the cinema club of the “Museum of Ideas”.
Record date: 28.05.2013