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Male, born 1941
An interview with the former resident of Pidzamche who now lives in a village near Lviv.
Record date: 13.08.2012
Female, born 1938
An interview with the lecturer at the University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology, an inborn resident of Pidzamche.
Record date: 05.08.2012
Male, born 1935
An interview with a resident of Pidzamche who worked all his life as a driver. The man comes from a village in Ternopil region.
Record date: 04.07.2012
Male, born 1929
An interview with the inborn resident of Pidzamche who now lives in another part of the city.
Record date: 03.07.2012
Male, born 1949
An interview with the resident of Pidzamche who used to work at the Lviv factory of radio-electronic medical equipment.
Record date: 18.07.2012
Female, born 1946
An interview with a woman whose parents moved to Lviv after World War II. They first lived in the area of Bohdanivka and then moved to Pidzamche.
Record date: 16.08.2012