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Ideas about the Euromaidan opponents
The category contains the reflections of the participants of the protests on the image of the enemy (any social, political, individual or collective figure).
Protest spaces
The category is formed around stories about special places or cities, which have a symbolic meaning and are important in terms of the overall history of the protest.
Events at Hrushevsky Street and violence
This category contains quotes in which the narrators discuss the role of violence in the protest, especially during the the events at Hrushevsky Street in January 2014.
Perception of European integration and European values
The category combines quotes related to the expectations of Euromaidan participants from possible European integration, as well as their ideas about European values.
Organization of mobilization
The category is formed by quotations describing the organization and mobilization of society during the Euromaidan. People talk about their experiences of being involved in protests.
Perception of Ukraine and other states
The category combines the answers of the protesters to the question of whether Euromaidan has changed their attitude to Ukrainian society and the state as well as to other countries.