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Manager of movie club, 27
The employee of the art-cinema magazine “Cineticle” tells about the cinema club of the “Museum of Ideas”.
Record date: 28.05.2013
Manager of movie club, 28
Interview with the founder of the cinema club, part of the NGO.
Record date: 10.05.2013
Participant of movie club, 52
​Interview with a member of the cinema club on Khasanska street.
Record date: 08.11.2012
Female, born 1978
Interview with the married couple, where the wife is heiress of former imprisoned woman in Jewish ghetto.
Record date: 25.04.2009
Male, born 1967
The narrator tells about books, clothes and free time young people used to have in Soviet Lviv, shares his own experience through his collection of images.  
Record date: 28.08.2008
Male, born 1931
Interview with the orchestra conductor, who spent his youth and student years in the apartment on Bohomoltsia Street with his parents. 
Record date: 23.04.2010