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Male, born 1949
Interview, full of content and details, with opera singer, who had been a resident of Bohomoltsia Street since 1980.
Record date: 05.04.2009
Female, born 1965
The narrator recalls the people, who lived in the house before, and shares the stories about their lives and apartments. 
Record date: 09.06.2009
Female, born 1950
The interview contains many interesting details about the residents of Bohomoltsia Street and the house, where the narrator had lived since 1975.
Record date: 12.08.2008
Female, born 1958
Interview with the woman, native resident of Lviv, which focuses on her family history and lifestyle.
Record date: 21.08.2008
Female, born 1922
The interview with native citizen of Novosibirsk, who moved to Lviv after World War II with her family.
Record date: 27.03.2009
Female, born 1937
Two narrators describe the exterior of their house, the decorative appearance of the street (both in Soviet times and nowadays) and its modern problems.
Record date: 22.04.2009