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Motivation of mobilization
The category has the quotes describing the motivation of Euromaidan participants that prompted them to join the protests.
Memorable events during the protest
The category describes the situations and events that the participants of the Euromaidan remembered as important, emotionally significant (in positive and negative sessions).
Heroes and antiheroes in the history of Ukraine
The category contains the views of the interviewed participants of the protests about the heroes and antiheroes of Ukrainian history.
Maidan heroes and antiheroes
The category contains the answers to the question of who can be considered the heroes and antiheroes of the Revolution of Dignity.
Attitudes towards "Leninopad"
The answers given in the category indicate the attitudes towards Lenin's monuments, to specific forms of urban protest and manifestations of spontaneous decommunization.
Ideas about the Euromaidan opponents
The category contains the reflections of the participants of the protests on the image of the enemy (any social, political, individual or collective figure).