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Electron employee, born 1941
Interview with a man who worked at various Lviv plants: Tools Factory, Forklift Factory, Mikroprylad plant, Telegraph Equipment Plant, and Electron.
LAZ employee, born 1931
Interview with a man who was a deputy chief technologist, a chief welder, then deputy chief engineer and a chief engineer at LAZ.
Polyaron employee, born 1956
Interview with a woman who worked in a kindergarten managed by the Polyaron from 1983 to 1989.
Electron employee, born 1952
Interview with a man who worked in the Design Bureau on the special appliances and had senior positions at the Electron production association and subsidiary companies.
Avtonavantazhuvach employee, born 1948
Interview with a man who came to the Forklift Factory as a worker in a foundry after school and developed career to a position of director.
Polyaron employee, born 1934
Interview with a man who had different positions at the Polyaron for almost 30 years – from 1960 to 1989. His wife was his work colleague.