Pokrovsk Historical Museum

The collection of Pokrvosk historical museum consists of photos from the 1970/90s. They were made by different authors. 

The photos of the type have been used in mass media, to illustrate the articles on industrial success. 

The collection is dedicated to the life of Pokrovsk district that had been called Krasnoarmiyskyi district before 2016. The district center, a town of Pokrovsk, is an industrial place, and the photos show its development, the life of citizens, public events, celebrations, and memorial sites (a mass grave of the perished soldiers and underground fighters of the Second World War, a monument to Lenin near the Myr Cinema (lit. – ‘Peace’).

Some photos illustrate the construction of new facilities. For instance, we learn that in 1990, they were building the residential housing in the neighbourhood of Lazurnyi micro-district. They added a new kindergarten, a stadium in the Yuvileynyi Park. In 1988, they opened a new café in the village of Dachenske; in 1989, they were carrying the construction works in the “Udarnik” collective farm (lit. – Leader of Production). 

Photographs were documenting city events and celebrations, such as the peaceful demonstration on November, 7; celebrating the “golden” couple of the Savchuk family, and a newly-wed couple of the Miroshnychenkos during the City Day festivities in Krasnoarmiysk; a performance of a folklore performance group and a Lenin dancing group at the same event. 

Photographs of the workers at factories, at work, or with pupils have typical compositions to emphasize the engagement into the working process. They are in line with the trend to aestheticize the labour. The collection includes the captioned portraits of workers awarded with the title of the “Heroes of Socialist Labour.”
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Pokrovsk Historical Museum