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The collection includes photographs from the archives of the weekly newspaper "Nasha Druzhkovka" [lit. – Our Druzhkivka]. They were transferred by an editor-in-chief, Yevhen Fialko, to Druzhkivka History and Art Museum on January, 8-9, 2021, upon the termination of the newspaper’s operations.

The archives include the materials from different sources:
1. Photographs staying after the hobby photo group of the schoolchildren interest’s room at Druzhkivka Machinery Plant; it had functioned until 1988 in the rooms that later hosted the editorial office of the “Our Druzhkovka” newspaper, in 2005-2007.
2. Photographs by a professional photographer, Yevhen Fialko’s childhood friend, Viktor Mukhanko, who worked in a city’s newspaper "Druzhkovka’s Worker" and had a special interest for sports.
3. Photographs made by Yevhen Fialko to be published in the "Our Druzhkovka" newspaper in the 2000’s.
4. Photographs that randomly ended up in the archives.

The materials cover the period from the 1980’s to the early 2000’s. They show the change that had been happening in Druzhkivka town before and after the Perestroika.

The plots focus on festive and everyday events, such as the celebration of the Masliana (Butter Week Feast), celebrations of First Day of School, sport competitions in a pioneer camp, activities in a house of culture at the Machine Building plant, and cleaning snow from the streets. There is a series of portraits of the workers of culture and art. At the same time, the photos captured some important infrastructure sites and landmarks such as monuments, a furniture store, a bus stop, the first private gas station (1997).

Some photos have a critical and revealing mood, such as a derelict bus station or debris near the bus station.

Photographs of directors or public officials show the establishment of market relations. It is typical of them to have a standard manner of taking postures that imitate work (with a pen in a hand, at a telephone) or highlight the dignity of the occasion. However, either from the bread factory or an office for physiotherapy, the photos show how the posing manner was changing from an artificial scenic posture to some relaxed and lively images.

Photographs produced during classes in a hobby group show the types and standards of study assignments for photographers and help us understand the development of amateur photography.

Descriptions to photos – by Yevhen Fialko.
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Druzhkivka history and art museum