Industrial biographies of the city

The collection was born during the collection of oral stories for the “(un)archiving of (post)industry” project.

The collection includes photographs and documents from private archives of storytellers who used to work at Lviv plants (Lviv Bus Plant, Avtobusprom, Lviv Fork Truck Plant, and Poliaron plant). The years of their employment at the industrial facilities cover the period of the second half of the 20th century to the early 21st century.

All photographs represent various aspects of company lives: meetings, excursions, business trips to go for internships, demonstrations of equipment. Since photos come from private albums or collections, they also show leisure time of workers that was organized by trade unions. For example, the celebration of the May One holiday, or trips to collect beetroots in collective farms, or trips to recreation centers. The collection also presents photography as a means of capturing memorable events in the life of certain respondents, such as the award with the Order of Labour Glory, or presenting keys from an apartment in a newly constructed neighbourhood.

The received documents are the certificates for industrial designs of equipment, such as fork trucks, frontal loaders and others, with pictures attached.
The collection includes staged photos, in line with the Soviet press photo traditions, and also random found photography, such as from trips and vacations.
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Industrial biographies of the city