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Male, born 1967

Collection: History of One Street

Oral stories

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Interview with the narrator consists from two thematical parts. First one provides context to lifestyle of youngsters in Soviet Lviv. The narrator tells about books, clothes and free time he used to have in those times, shares his own experience. He collects old books and photographs of Lviv in different times, interests in city history in general and Bohomoltsia Street particularly. This can be heard in second thematical part of the interview, when the narrator demonstrates his collection of old digitized images of Lviv streets. This part is full of old names of the streets and incoherent details about city's past. There are prolonged pauses indicated in the scriptogram (for example, (.5), where the pause length is estimated (in seconds) after the dot).
The recording was performed on August 29, 2008. Interviewer – Halyna Bodnar.
History of One Street
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