Situational Map of the General Regional Exhibition in Lwow


Ihor Kotlobulatov
Ihor Kotlobulatov

The map shows the territory of the Stryiskyi Park in Lviv as of 1894. The map shows pavilions of the General Regional Exhibition on the territory of the park's upper terrace, comprising the area of 30 morgues (approx. 17 hectares). The Fair was open to visitors from June until December 1894 [34], p. 157.

The map was published by Herman Altenberg's Bookstore in Lviv. H. Altenberg started his publishing company in 1880 by buying F. G. Richter's bookstore and book-lending library at 4, Mariacki Square (now Mitskevycha Sq.). After Altenberg's death, the bookstore was run by his widow Zuzanna Altenberg, who was assisted by Władysław Bełza. 

After 1878, Altenberg's bookstore was located in the building of the George Hotel [34], p. 130-131. The company's publications were presented at Pavilion No. 1 at the General Regional Exhibition [72], p. 283.


  • The lower part of the map holds the name: "Situational Map of the General Regional Exhibition in Lwów" (Plan sytuacyjny Powszechnej Wystawy Krajowej we Lwowie).
  • The map provides an orientation windrose as well as the scale - 1:1 440 (Skala 1:1 440 metr.)
  • The upper left corner holds the list of objects on the map (129).
  • The map holds a stamp of the Herman Altenberk Bookstore, with the inscription "Main Storehouse of the H. Altenberg Bookstore in Lwów" (Skład główny księgarni H. Altenberga we Lwowie)

Map characterization:

  • The map was printed using color lithography tecniques.
  • Names of all objects are provided in the Polish language.

Inconsistencies and Inaccuracies on the Map:

  • The official name for the No. 16 Korchyn Pavilion for woven goods is the Pavilion of the Retail and Industry Society (Pawilon Towarzystwa dla handlu i przemyslu).
  • The official name for the No. 44 Pavilion for the Ministry of Houses and Forests is Pavilion of the Imperial and Royal Ministry for Agriculture (Pawilon c. k. Ministerstwa rolnictwa).

City characterization:

The map shows the pavilions of the General Regional Exhibition in the territory of the Stryiskyi Park in Lviv. The exhibition was held under the auspices of the Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph, and was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Tadeusz Kosciuszko's uprising. The organizational committee was headed by Prince Adam Sapieha, while Zdzisław Marchwicki was appointed its general director [72], introduction.

The upper terrace of the park was ordered especially for the occasion – sewage and gas lighting were installed. Electric tram tracks were laid in the newly-built road leading to the main gate. The tram transported the visitors from the exhibition to the central part of the city, and to the train station [31], p. 151, 152.

The exhibition grounds also had a railway track used to convey cargo and materials, as well as a cable car connecting the Ethnography Department with the exhibition's main alley [34], p. 168-169.

The cost of organizing the General Regional Exhibition comprised around 600 thousand złoty [34], p. 168-169.

The festive opening of the General Regional Exhibition took place on June 5, 1894, with the participation of Archdukes Leopold Salvator and Karl Ludwig. Many artefacts were exposed at over 129 special buildings or pavilions. The exhibition's catalog listed 2,870 objects. The main focus of the event was placed on various crafts, and the activities of industrial companies or small businesses. In addition, attention was given to the topics of the arts, schooling, and ethnography.

By the time the exhibition closed on December 16, 1894, the general number of visitors comprised 1,146,329 [73], p. 313.

At the time of the exhibition Lviv was home to 134,315 people. 8,591 of these were military [20], p. 114.


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Entry by: Serhiy Tereshchenko
Translated by: Pavlo Hrytsak

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