Lvov. Tourist map


Ihor Kotlobulatov
Ihor Kotlobulatov

This Map of Lviv was printed for tourists during soviet times.

The map was created in 1973 and printed in 1977 at Factory #1, of the Main Administration of Geodesy and Cartography in Moscow. Print run 366,000.Price 20 kopeks.

There were 5 contributors involved in the creation of this map.


  • In the upper right corner the symbols and abbreviations used on the map are explained.
  • In the lower left corner there is an insert of the “City Center” (Центральная часть города).
  • On the back side of the map is the following information:
  • The name of the map: “Lviv. Tourist map” (Львов. Туристическая схема).
  • Location of printing: “The map was compiled and prepared for print by Factory #1 of the Main Administration of Geodesy and Cartography in 1973. Revised in 1977” (Схема составлена и подготовлена к печати фабрикой № 1 ГУГК в 1973 г. Исправлена в 1977 г.).
  • The map was ordered by the “Soviet Government’s Main Administration of Geodesy and Cartography. Moscow 1977, sent to print 14 February 1977” (Главное управление геодезии и картографии при Совете Министров СССР. Москва 1977 г. Подписана к печати 14.ІІ. 1977 г.).
  • “Print run 366,000. Price 20 kopeks” (Тираж 366 000 экз. Цена 20 коп.).
  • Contributors: Editor O. Y. Kolyada, Consultant: V. S. Holovachev. Technical editors H. D. Kovalenko and E. V. Shchennykova (Редактор О.И. Коляда. Консультант В. С. Головачев. Технические редакторы Г.Д. Коваленко, Е.В. Щенникова).
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