City Map of Stanislau (Stanisławow)


Ryszard Hubisz
Ryszard Hubisz

German-language map of the city of Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanislawow), circa 1941, made for German military purposes. The map shows main public buildings, chief transport routes, and a detailed inset of the old part of town.


  • The upper left corner holds the title: “City Map of Stanislau (Stanislawow)” (Stadtplan von Stanislau (Stanisławów).
  • Under the title is the scale bar and the numerical scale (1:10 000).
  • Above the title is the inscription (Anlage zu Militärgeographische Angaben über das Europäische Rußland Mappe F: Die Ukraine (mit Moldaurepublik und Krim).
  • The left corner of the map holds a list of public buildlings (Verzeichnis der öffentlichen Gebäde).
  • The lower left corner holds the inscription (Hergestellt im Reichsamt für Landesaufnahme).
  • Below this is information for the map that was used as the basis for the present map “Based on the Map of the city of Stanislawow 1:15 000, drawn by Z. Domanski, “Grafika” Printing Press, Stanislawow. Expanded after the Polish Map 1:1000000, Sheet P 53 S 39” (Grundlagen: Plan Miasta Stanislawow 1:15 000, Rysowal Z. Domanski, Drukarnia "Grafika" Stanislawow. Ergänzt nach der polnischen Karte 1:1000 000, Blatt P 53 S 39).
  • The lower right corner contains the inscription (Generalstab der Luftwaffe).
  • The right side of the sheet holds a list of street and square names (Straßenverzeichnis).
  • The upper right corner holds a separate inset with the map of the territory of the old town, scale 1:5 000 (Innenstadt).
  • Above is the inscription: Special Edition III. 41. For Official Use Only. (Sonderausgabel III. 41. Nur für Dienstgebrauch).
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