Austrian War Archive
GIh 260-65
Austrian War Archive, Vienna
Map of the City of Jaroslaw drawn and published by engineer S. Kornman in 1906.

The map was printed at G. Freytag & Berndt, cartographers, in Vienna.


  • The upper central part of the sheet holds the city coat of arms, the city’s name: “Jarosław”, and the scale (Skala 1:14 400) with the scale bar, and information on the author and publication year: “Drawn by S. Kornman, engineer. 1906” (Wykonał Inżynier S. Kornman. 1906).
  • Below this is statistical information on area, number of residents, and number of buildings in Jaroslaw: 2 690 hectares, 55 ares, 22 660 residents, 12 231 Roman Catholic, 4 457 Greek Catholic, 5 705 Jews, 242 Evangelicals, 24 Greek Armenian. 1 640 residential buildings. (Jarosław. 2690 hekt., 55 arów, 22.660 mieszkańców. 12.231 rz.kat.; 4457 gr. kat., 5705 izr., 242 ewang., 24 gr. orj. Domów mieszk. 1640).
  • The upper part of the sheet holds information on another map drawn by this map’s author: “Map of Galicia and Bukovina with Powiat Lines by S. Kornman, Engineer. Available in Bookstores” (Inż. S.Kornmana Mapa Galicyi i Bukowiny z podziałem na powiaty kolorowany. Do nabycia w księgarniach).
  • The right side of the sheet holds an inset map of the Jaroslaw District (Powiat Jarosławski. Skala 1:300.000 wykonał Inżynier S. Kornman. 1906).
  • The lower part of the map contains information on city districts, and a list of 26 objects marked on the map. (Dzielnica miasta).
  • The lower left part bears a note to the effect that publication of the map was funded by the author (Nakładem Authora).
  • The lower right side contains information on printing location: “G. Freytag & Berndt’s Cartographical Press in Vienna” (Z zakładu kartograficznego G. Freytaga & Berndta w Wiedniu).
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