• Plan of the city, castles and city suburbs 2

Plan of the city, castles and city suburbs


Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv. (TsDIAL of Ukraine)

One of the first full scale maps of Lviv created by the Commission of Order under the leadership of Geometer-Architect Jan du Defi in 1766.


  • In the lower left is the name: “Map of the city with Castles and Suburbs of Lviv. For the construction of roads and restoration of old cobbled streets. Per order of the Royal Commission created for this purpose. By me, Jan Ignatious du Defi, sworn Geometer of the King and of the Republic of Poland. Year: 1766” (Plan de la Ville des Chateaux et des Faubourges de Leopol. Pour servir á la construction des Chemins, et a la reparation de l'ancien pavés. Levé par Decret de la Commission Royalle, etablie á cet effet. Par moi Jean Ignace du Desfilles Geométre Jure du Roy et de la Republique de Pologne. L'année: 1766).
  • Below the name is the map’s legend which includes important structures and streets in the suburbs (Renvoyé ou Legende).
  • The map is drawn with North at the bottom.
  • In the lower left corner is the graphic depiction of the map’s scale (1 inch on the map is equal to 100 cubits on land).

The map was published as part of a joint project to create a Historical Atlas of Lviv.

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