Plan of Lemberg with the new street names


Science Library of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
PK 15694 I

This map of the city of Lviv, published in 1873 by the F. H. Richter bookstore, contains renamed streets.

The book seller financed the re-printing of this map which was first printed between 1855 and 1863.

A unique feature of this map is that the four districts are colored by hand: Districts I and III in blue and districts II and IV in red.


  • In the middle of the lower edge is the name: “Map of Lviv” (Plan von Lemberg).
  • Beneath the name is information about the publisher: “Published and copyrighted by Artaria and Co. in Vienna” (Verlag und Eigenthum von ARTARIA & Cо. in Wien, Kohlmarkt, 9) and the year 1873.
  • Beneath that, in the lower margin, is information about where the map was printed: “Lithographic Establishment of F. Koke in Vienna” (Lith. Anst. v. F. Köke in Wien).
  • In the upper right corner is an interpretation of symbols (Zeichenerklärung) a graphic and verbal depiction of the map’s scale: “Scale: 400 Viennese klafters; Viennese inch equals 150 Viennese klafters” (Maasstab von 400 Wiener Klafter der Wiener Zoll gleich 150 Wiener Klafter).
  • In the upper right corner is the legend with a list of the 33 object identified on the map.
  • City districts are identified directly on the map:
  • "Halych suburb, District I” (Halicher Vorstadt, І-tes Viertel).
  • "Krakow suburb, District II” (Krakauer Vorstadt, ІІ-tes Viertel).
  • "Zhovkva suburb, District III” (Zolkiewer Vorstadt, ІІІ-teі Viertel).
  • "Lychakiv suburb, District IV” (Lyczakower Vorstadt, IV-tes Viertel)
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