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Nastya Mikheenko
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Nastya Mikheenko
"I'm watching a webinar on Facebook. Oh, another long-time event that has come to an end! Good evening! My name is Nastya MIheenko and I am from Kiev. From the very beginning of quarantine, I decided to keep "" # chroniclesquarantine2020 "" in the pictures. Prehistory: I stayed for a quarantine period at home in Brovary without being able to go to Kiev to my workshop where I work and was given a lot of free time. And I decided to try to jot down my new and unusual "quarantine day" in the drawings. I posted this on my FB page and got a lot of interest and support. And I thought, why not make it a daily quarantine practice? In the "" ordinary life "" I always lacked for such a drawn time :) Then it was still not clear (and now before the journey) for how long it will take. So, we have an almost daily (sometimes missed) slice of my interests in the lonely life of a middle-aged woman in the suburbs of Kiev. I am sending pictures for the very first day, which, incidentally, came about because a group of like-minded fans of "Drawing for Breakfast" became online and I was able to join. She picked up a theme that was suggested on this day and drew it. I was subscribed to the group before, but it didn't work out to come alive and draw with them. For the full "" story in the drawings "" for March and April, you can visit my page and Instagram "
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