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Myroslava Liakhovych
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Myroslava Liakhovych
"Hi. I, Miroslava Lyakhovych, am sending you a story about graffiti on Tarnavsky Street. The graffiti was painted by my artist friends Olga Steblak and Oleg Gerdiy, and partly by me. The main idea was to bring Antonych and Kafka to the streets as a cartilage and a beetle, who are having fun in each other's company over a glass of wine. It was a kind of artistic joke, with a suggestion for reflection (we used excerpts from the works of the above mentioned authors in the drawing). We have done a drawing in the style of naive art and one by one celebrated the birthday of our girlfriend Ollie. We would not have made our action public if it were not for the man who attacked us and called the police. Actually, the law enforcement agencies obliged us to repaint graffiti, so we decided to make a kind of artist demonstration and made a video where Olja and Oleg draw graffiti, and I read an excerpt from Pascal Gilen's "Reforming the City". During the action, residents of Tarnavsky Street approached and asked to leave a picture. However, not everyone liked it. Some residents opposed to graffiti. One way or another, we consider this adventure an interesting experiment that was not intended to be, but turned into something more than a drawing on the wall: namely, the loud intervention of artists in the city center and creating a lively dialogue between the townspeople and the artists about visions of urban space. In our view, the quarantine situation does not eliminate the possibility of discourse on art and urban space".
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