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Interior of the Marian Lasocki Restaurant


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Oleksandr Korobov
Oleksandr Korobov
Interior of the Marian Lasocki restaurant in the second floor of the building in 9 St. Mary Sq. (now Mickiewicz Sq; the building no longer stands). The Wencel Gudec House was built in 1839, and at different times housed the mercer and stationery store of Antoni Bogdanowicz, a storehouse and store of metal products belonging to Antoni Galski (selling furniture, lamps, etc.), and the Rudolph Dietmahr gas lamps store. In 1888 the Grzywiński Restaurant came to occupy the premises to the left of the main entrance, which later became property of one Voise (1894). In 1909-1920 the rooms on the first floor held the Marian Lasocki delicacy store and buffet, while the second floor held a restaurant, also owned by Lasocki (in 1920-1930 the restaurant was owned by B. Gurski). The photograph also shows an enfilade of the restaurant's rooms. The walls were decorated with wooden panels, which remained in place until the 1990s, when the building was demolished. Apparently, this is an example of a typical interior of the time, which is evidenced by the characteristic furniture (tables and chairs probably by the Tonet company), decorative elements (candelabra, lamps, tiled ovens, newspaper holder), as well as the style of the interior's general arrangement. In 1937 the premises were bought by the Lviv Trade Union of Plastic Artists, and three artistic exhibitions took place here the same year. In 1941-1944 the house was used for exhibitions of the Ukrainian Artists' Work Union. After the World War II the building housed the Lviv department of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, as well as the Artistic Fund and the Artistic production factory of the Artistic Fund of Ukraine.
Restaurant interior, decorative elements, clock, tiled ovens
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