Wine Factory "Ukrholovvyno"

The collection includes a presentation album made by the anonymous authors in 1965/66. There are 45 images, both in color and in monochrome, illustrations of products and the production success stories, drawings, and layouts of workshop facilities. The album is 28х39 cm in size, with larger inserts, the first and last pages of the album are signed.

The Center for Urban History was given the album by a security guard at the factory building (?) during the CUH exploration “In Search of Home in a Post-War Lviv. Experience of Pidzamche, 1944-1960.”

The album produces a favourable image of the plant, of professional life, and of the leisure of workers.

The exterior photos show how the factory premises were arranged. It included green recreational areas, a fountain, and a Lenin bust as an element of sculptural décor. The premises also had technical facilities, and wine cisterns. 

The factory’s interior photos show the views of various purpose facilities (both production and laboratory), the layout of equipment, and its elements. The interior decorations include motivational messages such as “Let us invest all of our effort to deliver the seven-year plan before time,” or the safety rules: “Walking on a transporter line is prohibited!” 

In addition to photos, there are also drawings. They show the schemes and layouts of operational transporter lines to supply glassware, boxes and end products, a layout of the glass supply line at the factory, drawings and photos of the equipment elements.

They show the production process, such as the repairs of the assembly line, wine packaging, and leisure time of the workers’ team (performance at celebration events, physical exercise drills).
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Wine Factory "Ukrholovvyno"