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Culturologist, 55

Collection: Lviv Creative Communities

Oral stories

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An interview with a scientist in a field of political and cultural studies focused on Lviv’s literary community (or Lviv school) that functioned during the 1980s, its collaboration with the government, and its creative and self–publishing activities. The members of the community translated works by Bruno Schulz and Leopold von Sacher–Masoch, reprinted Ukrainian poetry. In the conversation, the man describes the ways to circulate books and texts and the role of new types of media (tape recorders being particularly important here), recalls the celebration of Antonych birthday, stresses the belief that a word is a powerful tool, which was peculiar of that time.    
Recorded on 20th February 2013 at the interviewee’s place of work. The interviewer – Natalia Otrishchenko.
Lviv Creative Communities
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