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LAZ employee, born 1957

Collection: Industrial biographies of the city

Oral stories

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Interview with the woman born in the village of Sokilnyky, Lviv region. She now lives in Lviv. She worked as an accountant at LAZ plant from 1989 to 2012. She spoke in detail about the specifics of the work of a workshop accountant. She described the calculation of salaries. She mentioned various sports activities at the factory. She talks about the various benefits provided by the plant, about vacation tickets and trips. She described how she and the workers went out to watch the test runs of new buses. She talked about the situation at the plant in the 1990s and how the plant began to decline in the 2000s. During the story, the woman drew the territory of the LAZ bus manufacturing plant on paper.
The recording was made at the Enerhetychna street in Lviv. Interviewer – Myroslava Lyakhovych.
Industrial biographies of the city
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