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Mikroprylad employee, born 1938

Collection: Industrial biographies of the city

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Interview with the woman who came to Lviv with her parents in 1944. They settled on the Rossi street. She told about the city at the time when they found a whole arsenal of weapons as children, what the city looked like and what the attitudes were. The woman remembers how the Hill of Fame was unveiled. The woman started her career at Lvivprylad, where she worked as a 3rd grade turner; then moved to the Jewelry Factory. Later, she changed it to Mikroprylad because, according to the woman, there was a good kindergarten where children could be accommodated. She worked as a processor rack adjuster at the Mikroprylad. In fact, the woman was taking frequent business trips. The plant produced the racks, and the woman, together with the crew, went to various factories around the Soviet Union to install them. She said she was the only woman on that position. She loved her work because she traveled a lot, and when she returned home, she had time for leisure (she loved to go to the mountains). The woman said that she was good friends with her partners because they were not only employees but also close friends.
The recording was made at Rossi Street in Lviv. Interviewer – Myroslava Lyakhovych.
Industrial biographies of the city
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