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Polyaron employee, born 1938

Collection: Industrial biographies of the city

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Interview with the woman born in Hlynianskyi district, Lviv region. After school she came to Lviv. The woman worked from 1958 to 1993 at Polyaron in the first workshop on burning parts for appliances. The woman witnessed the Polyaron being built. She worked in difficult conditions (at high temperatures), alone, in shifts. The narrator said she didn't even have time to go out to dinner because she couldn't stop the work, so she hid from inspectors and the military to eat the food she brought from home. She worked in one position for all of her life because no one wanted to work in such conditions. The woman was a heroine of labor, and has medals. She said that she had to work with acids in the galvanic workshop, and clean the parts on her own. She worked with gold and silver, saying that some of her colleagues stole precious metals from the factory. The woman believes that she was paid little, so she went to her superiors to clean their house for money. Her husband also worked as a locksmith in Polyaron. She actually managed to get the job at Polyaron via him, and they were later provided with an apartment at Ternopilska street. She says it was hard to work, but she was valued at work.
The recording was made at Ternopilska street in Lviv. Interviewer – Myroslava Lyakhovych.
Industrial biographies of the city
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