• Assumption of Our Lady church 2

Assumption of Our Lady church


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90x140 mm
Oleksandr Korobov
Oleksandr Korobov
The postcard presents a view of the Dormition Church (formerly Wallachian Church) from the Governor's Bulwarks. The Dormition Brotherhood building complex in Ruska (Ruthenian) St. consists of the Kornyakt Tower (belfry), the Three Saints Chapel in the church's courtyard and the main sanctuary – the Church of the Dormition of Our Lady, built on the site of the original church, dating back to 1421. The main building – the Dormition Church (also known at various times as the Wallachian, and the Ruthenian Church) was constructed in 1591-1629. Construction started under the architect Paolo Romano, was continued under architect Wojciech Kapinos and completed under arthitect Ambrosius Prykhylnyi. Consecration of the church by Archbishop Petro Mohyla took place on January 26, 1631. The monumental 65 meter-high tower (approx. 213 ft.) was named in honour of the sponsor, wine trader Constantine Kornyakt, one of the richest merchants of Lviv. It was built in 1571-1578 by architect Peter Barbon, however it acquired its present-day appearance much later after restorations of 1689 (under Peter Beber), 1695, 1780, and 1795. The German language Dominican Gymnasium (school) was opened in 1818. At the same time the “Governor's Bulwarks” Park was founded. The school was located in a building up on the Governor's Bulwarks between the Na Wale St. (now Pidvalna), Szeroka St. (Broad St., now Vynnychenko St.) behind the Bernardine Monastery and Ruska (Ruthenian) St. Since in 1850 the Gymnasium offered eight years of schooling.
Wallachian Church, Kornyakt Tower, Dominican Gymnasium (school), Ratusha (City Hall) tower, fragment of Governor's Bulwarks
Orthodox Churches
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