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Male, born 1957

Collection: History of One Street

Oral stories

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Through the narrator's experience of living in different parts of the city he compares the atmosphere of them, tells about people and events, which influenced the changes in urban landscape, language and nature of Lviv in general and some of its districts in particular as city center, Levandivka and Sykhiv.
He recalls and describes in detail, how Lviv changed during Soviet period: transport, streets, clothes and favourite music of young people of that time. Also the narrator tells a lot about his family's apartment on Bohomoltsia Street and its architecture, about his neighbours and those people, who lived in that building or on the street before. Interview is filled with old names of the streets, peculiar details, life stories of narrator's encounters. The vivid picture of Lviv during Soviet times is revealed through the experience of the young middle-class worker of that time. 
Recording was performed on August 22, 2008 at narrator's home. Interviewer – Halyna Bodnar.
History of One Street
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