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Actor, 66

Collection: Lviv Theatres after 1945

Oral stories

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An interview with a dramatic actor, an Honored Artist of Ukraine. The man comes from a creative family: his father was an opera singer. The interviewee belonged to the troupe of Roman Viktiuk and moved to Tver, Russia, together with it. Also, he worked in several theatres in Lviv and Kyiv. In the conversation, the man tells about the specifics of work as an actor, the peculiarities of working on your role, the team, the repertoire policy, successful performances and tours that have left very warm memories. He also analyzes the place of theatre in city life and in the country in general and the changes that have occurred in this domain.
Recorded on 15th September 2013 at the interviewee’s place of work. The interviewer – Natalia Otrishchenko.
Lviv Theatres after 1945
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