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Male, born 1927

Collection: Social Anthropology of filling the Void: Poland and Ukraine after World War II

Oral stories

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An interview with a native resident of the village Lytyachi (Letyache), now Zalishchyky district of Ternopil oblast. Keen on learning and motivated by his family, the man graduated from school in the neighbouring town Chernelytsi, studied in Buchach, in the pedagogical school in Kremenets, pedagogical institutes in Chernivtsi and Ternopil; thus, in 1949, he started teaching in Tovste and Letyache. The narration is informative, well-structured, and full of details. The narration starts with the history of the interviewee’s father who took part in the First World War and mobilization of volunteers for the Ukrainian-Polish war of 1918-1919; the father was arrested by the government but later released thanks to a chance. The man shares detailed memories of education of pupils of various nationalities at primary school in the pre-war period, interethnic cohabitation of the village community, religious life, and the changes that took place in the relationships between the fellow villagers between the 1930ies and 1940ies. The interviewee recalls in detail the Soviet government in 1939-1941 and, even more precisely, a German occupation, a ghetto, shootings of the Jews in Buchach, the activity of Ukrainian nationalist underground and the Home Army, pre-war landlord of the village and his fate. A separate conversation thread is the renovation of the Soviet power in the spring of 1944, the creation of the collective farm, teachers (local ones and those coming from the Eastern regions), everyday life, household arrangements and pastime in the post-war period.
Recorded in Tovste. The interviewer – Anna Chebotariova. 
Social Anthropology of filling the Void: Poland and Ukraine after World War II
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