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Female, born 1931

Collection: Social Anthropology of filling the Void: Poland and Ukraine after World War II

Oral stories

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An interview with a native and permanent resident of the village Hlibiv, now Husiatyn district of Ternopil oblast. The granddaughter of the woman was present during the interview, expanded on what was being told, and added her own questions. The conversation is unstructured and contains a lot of personalities in the interviewer’s questions. The interviewee often complains of her now poor memory. The woman told about her childhood, education at school and teachers of the pre-war period, Polish landowner who employed impoverished villagers. She told in detail about the Jewish family of the cloth merchant, who owned a shop in a village. Soon before the arrival of the German troops, this and other Jewish families were evicted and their property was looted by the villagers. The narrator comes from an Ukrainian-Polish family; her father, Ukrainian, insisted on her baptism in a Greek Catholic church. The woman remembers domestic interethnic conflicts of the villagers and their aggravation during the war, repressions of the Soviet government and deportation of the Polish population to Poland. The woman married a Ukrainian who resettled from Poland and shares the memories of the post-war life of resettled families. A separate conversation thread is the activity of the Ukrainian nationalist underground in the village, the support they got from the locals, killings of teachers who came from the East of Ukraine, repressions of the Soviet government.
Recorded in Hlibiv. The interviewer – Anna Wylegała.
Social Anthropology of filling the Void: Poland and Ukraine after World War II
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