View of the Shopping centre "Magnus"


Photograph (printed on paper)
Size of the resource:
15х10 cm
Dmytro Zavrazhyn
Dmytro Zavrazhyn

The building of the “Magnus” Shopping centre was built in 1912-1913 by the renowed Polish architect Roman Felinskyi. The project was brought to fruition by the building firm of the architect Mihal Uliam, where R. Felinskyi held the position of director of the architectural department. On the left of “Magnus” a building had already been built; advertising spots over the windows were filled with shop names; on the façade a sign was hung in big letters: Małopolski Zakład Odziezy. On each shop window of the third storey an advertisement for the company PEPEGE- Polish maker of rubber footwear at that time. At the beginning of “Magnus’” operation, commercial spaces were given to different companies and commercial operators, so a multitude of Lviv commercial companies could be found under its roof. On the sunlit façade the shop windows of the first storey were protected from the sun’s rays by moveable shades. Tram tracks turned from the main façade of “Magnus” on Horodotska st., off of Slonechney st. (now M. Kulisha st.). These tracks were disassembled at the end of the 1950s, beginning of the 1960s. In 1930 substantial changes were planned for the designation of the building- city council intended to move the Treasure Board from Hetmanskey st. and situate it here. After WWII the empty structure was fitted with many features and tiny businesses, from a laundry drop-off point (from bath No 3, which is on Shpytalna st., 11) to regional committees of DOSAAF and the Red Cross of Shevchenkivskyi district. There was also a grocery shop and regional "harchoprom", "vykonkom" (executive committee) of the Shevchenkivskyi district deputy labour council, and also Shevchenkivskyi district division of the Government bank. From 1959-1961 the building was designated for “TSUM”, then the name “old” TSUM (department store on Market sq.,32) and “new”- the current “Magnus” came into effect. TSUM opened April 15, 1960. After 2000, this place that had long ago stopped functioning, caught the eye of Polish businessman Jezy Konik. Credit, granted by the World Bank for reconstruction and development, allowed for the closing of the department store in 2003 and the start of renovation works. “Magnus” was opened in 2004. On the top storey of the commercial centre is a café from which a nice view of the city can be enjoyed.

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