Panorama of the city from Torhova Street


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Library of the Institute of Ethnology Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Lviv
Biblioteka Instytutu Narodoznawstwa, Lwów
A view of the central part of the city with the City Hall of 1751 built in the center of the market square in the late Baroque style according to the project by Bernard Meretyn. The outstanding sculptor Johann George Pinzel, who worked with B. Meretyn, made the sculptures of stone and bas-reliefs on the façade. Originally the façade was decorated by 12 sculptures depicting the heroic deeds of Heracles. Some of them were destroyed by the fire of 29 July 1865. Until 1847 a clock was located on the upper level of the four-faceted tower. The City Hall was finished off with a cupola with a lantern and a weathervane that were destroyed in the fire of 1865. The cupola was covered by tinplates and painted red. After the fire of 1865 the City Hall was reconstructed at the expense of the citizens of Buchach. Its cupola was covered with tinplate and painted red. On the left of the background, one can see the ruins of a castle built in the second half of the fifteenth century as a wooden fortress; it was rebuilt from light and dark-red sandstone by 1580. In the middle of the seventeenth century its owner, Mikolaj Potocki, built a new palace for himself and the old palace was abandoned. It was, however, used for various practical purposes for several more decades. In September 1648 the Cossack army captured the castle. In 1655 and 1667 Crimean Tatars tried to capture the fortress, but failed. While retreating they burnt the city. In 1672 the garrison of the castle, headed by Teresa, the wife of Braclaw voevode Jan Potocki, fought off an attack of the Turkish army of Sultan Mahomet IV. The fortress withstood a repeated Turkish siege in 1675. In 1676 the Turks eventually managed to capture the castle; they almost completely destroyed it. At the beginning of the nineteenth century the owners of the castle allowed the citizens to disassemble the castle walls for a fee to further use them as building materials; this caused irreparable damage. On the right side of photo - building with pilasters and with a dark roof - Great Synagogue of Buchach.
Nazar Kis  
Center of the city, City Hall and ruins of the castle
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