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Eastern side of the Central Square


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80х130 mm
Helmut Kusdat
The postcard shows the entire eastern section of the Ringplatz (Piata Unirii, Central Square). The eastern side of the Ringplatz was and is a little elevated and was known as Pardini Höhe (Pardini height) until Second World War. It got its name from the then well known publishing house and bookshop Pardini located in the house with the cupola in the middle of the postcard.
To the left of it is one of the older houses on the Ringplatz, most likely built before 1850. It shows stucco mouldings below the windows, depicting mythological scenes. It has been recently restored, but no floor was added.
Right of the house with the cupola is another appartment building, built in 1821 as a one-storied house. The second floor was added in 1877. It had shops on the ground floor, among them a Salamander shoe shop.
All three buildings are basically unchanged to this day.
The only house that changed its appearance is the next one. The postcard shows it the way it was built in the first half of the 19th c. Only in the 1930s, when the whole building was taken over by a bank, it was raised by one storey.
Next to it, at the beginning of Herrengasse (Str. Flondor, vul. Kobylianska) an impressive building with a little tower can be seen, known as the Haus zu den drei Kronen (House under the Three Crowns). Here, the then famous Cafe Habsburg was located. Today it houses the local office of the Ukrainian National Bank.
Helmut Kusdat
Cernăuţi, Piata Unirii
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